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Let's Wrap This Baby Up

                                                                                  I don't want to see you get too cocky, but you can surely enjoy this moment. Your MS is complete. To be clear that means you've edited it until you are sick and tired of looking at the thing.  You've found someone to format your work and get it ready to publish. You've found a reputable publisher who will put your book out there. For the eBooks, you'll likely go with Amazon, but there are others out there. Again, your formatter will help you with that. Yup, it's a pretty good view from up here. Before you submit for publication you will need an ISBN number. That's non negotiable. It's also easy. Just go into the government site and follow the instructions. DON'T FALL FOR THOSE SITES THAT SAY THEY WILL GET YOU AN ISBN NUMBER FOR A SMALL CHARGE!!!!! There is no fee for getting an ISBN number if you get it from the government site:

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